Anonymous asked: You probably won't answer this but I wanted to know your view on the whole Sam Pepper controversy. You're apart of the YouTube community so I assume that you're up to date and that you have something to say.


everyone in the community knew he was fishy. rumors were always spread about him and ya know i didn’t take them to heart because they usually never end up being true. well, they for sure became true after all this shit went down. i hope i never have to see his face again at an event or even at a party. he’s scum. #next.

Why Korra's visiting so many places →


Since the trailer came out I’ve been trying to figure out why Korra’s going to so many places we’ve seen before and after a while I think I have a decent theory.

Korra’s still struggling to recover from her ordeal with Zaheer and the Red Lotus, that’s evident through her…

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